Summer time – Beach fun!

Going to the beach in the summer is one of our favourite family activities. This year we have really got into our sandcastle building. It’s a great way to get creative! Use whatever is lying around – sand, stones, feathers, seashells, even seaweed.

Think of the sand as a giant canvas ready for drawing pictures and making patterns. If there is no sand use rocks, shells and stones.


There is lots to see.  Rock pools can be great places to explore. Look out for little fish, shellfish, hermit crabs and anemones. If you find a crab look out for those sharp pincers because even though they are small they are not afraid to use them. Jellyfish sometimes get washed up, but be careful some can sting.



Be optimistic – get out there!

This week’s photo challenge is “optimistic“. And yes we may have been optimistic bringing the kids to the beach on a grey, winter’s day in mid-January.



But you know what, they loved it. Yes, they had to be wrapped up in hats, gloves and coats. But that didn’t stop them running about. And it didn’t stop them building sandcastles, and collecting seashells. And when I started drawing an “optimistic” sun in the sand they thought it was a great idea. And soon we had another sun drawn by my daughter and then my son decided he would draw his own optimistic self!

And sure we had to eat our picnic in the car because it was too cold to eat outside and it had started to rain but it didn’t matter. It was still a picnic.

Beach in January

Beach in January

Just get outside. You’ll love it, and they will love too.