As an ecologist I try and inspire my kids when it comes to nature. Not that nature isn’t inspiring – it fascinates me. But sometimes it’s important to point things out to kids.

I remember reading something once about a dad who was walking with his daughter in the wood. She was just ambling along not really taking much note of anything. But then he started to show her all the conkers on the ground; they picked one up and felt it’s lovely smoothness, admired it wonderful rich brown colour. By the time they got home the little girl’s pockets were bulging with conkers. If her dad hadn’t pointed them out to the little girl she may never have noticed them.

As parents, educators or just friends of children we have an almost moral duty to make them aware of the wonderful world around them.

As I am based in Ireland most of the species I hope to focus on will be European species but hopefully American visitors will be able to use most of the resources too.



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