Share this with Parents and Teachers: The Most Amazing and Important Lesson You Will Ever Teach

KIm Allsup’s post shows a a great way of teaching young children about how plants grow.

Growing Children

IMG_6847Part One of Series: Lessons about Reversing Climate Change 

Dear Parents and Teachers,

The amazing facts in this lesson are vital for reversing climate change, yet you will not see climate change mentioned in this lesson for third, fourth and fifth graders. In middle school and beyond it makes sense to talk about practical applications of this science that will decrease carbon in the atmosphere. But, if the listeners are younger than about 12 years old, put those concerns aside for now. Instead, aim to inspire wonder and build a deep understanding of the power of plants. Come back to this lesson frequently, so that by the time the children are in middle school and you ask how excess carbon could possibly be removed from our atmosphere, they will have such a deep understanding of the function of plant life that they will come up with their own ideas regarding…

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  1. Yes! I had read something about not teaching tragedy before 5th grade. A child must love and care for the Earth and its inhabitants before they can understand a problem and how to fix it. I believe it firmly and adhere to it… Which is why we are falling in love with the WILD and with our city and community… So when they are older they will have a desire to make the world a better place 😊

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