Month: February 2016

All Ireland Pollinator Plan – Junior Version

Here in Ireland the National Biodiversity Data Centre have just produce a junior version of the 2015-2020 All-Ireland Pollinator Plan. Pollinators include wild bees including bumblebees, butterflies and other insects. This junior plan is a great resource particularly for schools. It includes lots of ideas on actions you can take to help pollinators both at home and in your school grounds. There are also lots of fun facts about pollinators and why they are so important. And also some information about why bees are under threat.



There are even a few bee jokes!

What bee is good for your health?

Vitamin Bee


Have you any good bee or butterfly jokes ? Post in the comments below.

As the weather gets warmer I hope to do some more pollinator activities. In the meantime, think about what you can plant in your garden to attract some bees.