Month: December 2015

Christmas Nature

Coming up to Christmas I have been thinking of all the animals associated with this festive season. Robins, with their red breasts, feature on many of our Christmas cards. Here in Ireland, we often say that robins are Santa Claus’s little messengers, keeping an eye out for good and bad behaviour from the children at this time of year!

Then of course there are the all important reindeer. Where would Santa Claus be without his faithful sleigh pullers?

Often when we see the birth of Jesus depicted, the stable where he is born, is always full of animals; sheep, donkey and cows in particular.

Here are some Christmas activities to keep you busy.


Robin Craft

Search Google or Pinterst for Reindeer crafts and you will see endless possibilities. But I like this simple Reindeer chocolate bar craft. Great for gift idea.

Or how about a reindeer coloring page.

For a simple donkey craft, great for younger kids, checked out this D is for Donkey activity.

And of course don’t forget the Christmas tree. Here is a link to a simple Christmas tree craft using a paper plate and colourful pompoms though you could use buttons, stickers or other items too.


Getting kids back to nature: what we’ve learned so far

An interesting post from the National Trust in the UK about the Wildlife Trust’s Every Child Wild Campaign – all about getting kids back to nature. You can read more on the Wildlife Trust’s webpage –

National Trust Places

This month the Wildlife Trusts launched their Every Child Wild campaign, pledging to ‘make nature a part of growing up’. In this blog, first published on the Wildlife Trusts website, the National Trust’s Tom Seaward writes about what we’ve learned from four years of getting kids back to nature.

Children playing by the lake at West Wycombe Park, Buckinghamshire Children playing by the lake at West Wycombe Park, Buckinghamshire ©National Trust Images/John Millar.

It was the first queue for the woods I’ve seen.

Only 10AM and already the festival was baking under a high sun, fighting with the dust stamped up by hundreds of children and their desperate parents.

All this for the woods?

Well, not quite for the woods. For the chance to climb a high oak in the manner of a tree surgeon.

It was a brief hot spell in the summer of 2014. The place: Camp Bestival, a family music festival along the Dorset coast.


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