Nature and Children

Nature and children always inspire me. And nature can play a vital role inspiring children and encouraging them to become life-long conservationists. There are lots of good nature websites out there doing great work and I will include some of my favorites in the resource page.

What I’d like to do here on this blog is provide some free resources for kids, parents, teachers, guide and scout leaders and anyone else who comes in contact with children.

I hope that the resources will inspire you to learn about the world around you, through fun and fascinating adventures in the natural world.

As this is a new blog it will take a little time to build up the resources, so please be patient but also feel free to pass on suggestions through the comments box.



  1. Picture not displaying but that could just be my computer playing up! Excellent idea for a blog and even though I may not be the target demographic I still think I can learn. Big kids rule ok!! Well done hunnybun x

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    1. Thank you Miranda – I know the picture wasn’t displaying on preview (can’t work out why) but if you click on bottom it may come up – will try and fix later:)


  2. What a great idea for a blog. Do you know about the free App ‘Chirp’ that you can get for an iPad. I use this with my grandchildren, it gives the picture of the bird with its song. We have great fun with this and take it out on walks.

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